About Axcent - adults

It's the economy, stupid!

Can religion, conviction and interfaith dialogue humanize society in its socio-economic aspects?

Let’s find out together!

Axcent vzw is a pluralistic association that contributes to dialogue and cooperation between religious and convictional communities in Brussels. Individually and collectively experienced meaningfulness is our core business.

In 2014 the organization has been divided into a youth and adult activity.

The adult section focuses on economics.What is the meaning of religion, belief and inter-convictional dialogue for the socio-economic humanization of society? We hope to learn more about it in the coming years.

He who says economy, says finance. Axcent exists for more than eleven years but remains financially vulnerable. We do not choose the easy way out and we feel strongly committed to our political and convictional autonomy. The coziness of having a discernable identity is lost on us. But this independence has its price. We don’t belong to any block. Exposed to every kind of weather, our survival remains precarious.

Your donations are more than welcome.